Three Ways You’re Missing Out When You Dine with Your Phone

Believe us: The staff and owners at Red Hut Diner love their phones just as much as you do. But is your phone becoming a “third wheel” at dinner? Most parenting and relationship specialists give smartphones at least some credit for breaking into what used to be a sacred, reserved time for family or friends to gather together: mealtime. Read on to find out three ways that you’re missing out when you dine with your phone at your favorite diner in NJ!

1. You miss out on social interaction. If you’re glancing at your phone every few minutes while eating at your favorite diner in NJ, you’re missing out on plenty of social interaction. Eye contact is important, and while it may be creepy to stare directly into the eyes of your dining companions on most days, it is extra creepy to spend the whole meal staring into your phone. While some things, like making sure the family is okay or scheduling an emergency car repair may be good uses of your time, constantly checking in on social media or work will take away from your meal with friends or family.

2. You miss out on your food! When you choose a great diner in New Jersey, you’re probably seeking the best food, not the best wifi. When you spend the meal glued to your screen, however, you miss out on the very food you came to get! Sure, you’ll eat it, but you may find that it grows cold before you’re finished snapchatting it, or that you don’t even realize you’re eating! This means that your meal just went right into your stomach, missing the taste buds that should have enjoyed it!

3. You miss out on your own mindfulness. As much as people will tell you that you’re wasting their time or missing out, the real place you lose is with yourself. Mindfulness refers to the process of being present and aware in your surroundings—things you just can’t do if you’re glued to the screen. This can make you feel more anxious, less connected, and less motivated. Take your energy back and put that phone down!

A great challenge to try next time you visit the Red Hut Diner in NJ is the no-phone challenge. Have everyone keep their phone in the car, in a pocket, or face-down on the table. Anyone who looks has to pay the bill (or, for those on a limited budget, anyone who looks at their phone can pay everyone’s tip or buy drinks). Of course, if you love your web friends more, by all means, screen away—just keep in mind that you may miss out on the people right in front of you.