Christmas Appetizers from Red Hut

Who doesn’t love appetizers? These tasty little morsels date back to ancient Greece and Rome, but probably showed up earlier. Originally, these bite-sized snacks served to encourage appetite, trying to get patrons to eat and drink more. At the Red Hut Diner in Rockaway, we have a full selection of appetizers, because we know how much our loyal customers love these tasty little bites. If you’re looking for a way to boost your appetite, or even if you just want to gobble them up in place of a meal, we’ve got a great deal for you!

This holiday season, we are offering ten appetizers at just $5 each! If you’re a meat lover, we’ve got plenty for you—our honey hot boneless buffalo wings will spice things up, as will our Jersey chili cheddar fries. For something a little more savory than spicy, enjoy stuffed potato skins with bacon and cheddar. For those who prefer pure starchy, cheesy comfort, enjoy our macaroni and cheese bites, potato and cheese pierogies, or our broccoli and cheddar cheese bites. Love an unusual mix? Our fried battered pickle chips, spinach and artichoke nachos, and jalapeno corn cheddar nuggets may impress. For our vegan friends, our falafel balls are top-notch!

Which appetizers will you enjoy from our special appetizers menu? We’re not sure which ones are our favorites, but when we hit up our favorite diner in NJ, we make sure to order some appetizers! Don’t forget some dipping sauces; we have tomato sauce, cucumber tzazkiki sauce, sour cream, salsa picante, honey mustard, and ranch dressing. Visit us for an appetizing meal tonight and enjoy our special appetizer menu from 8 p.m. until close!