National Hot Breakfast Month

Did you know that February is hot breakfast month? We didn’t either, but we love looking up fun facts like that. Many people think that all these national and daily food celebrations are a little over the top, but we see them as great reminders to check back in on tasty foods you may have forgotten or overlooked. To celebrate national hot breakfast month, we’re featuring our favorite breakfast menu items!

Street Style. This isn’t the hot “street food” trend, but Red Hut Diner’s breakfast menu has ten great breakfast specials from 1st street to the 10th street belly buster! Our specials include our most popular and frequently requested food pairings, served up to you at a great price!

Eggs-cellent. We have so many great styles of eggs, we don’t know where to start! Fried eggs are always a diner classic, as are our soft, fluffy scrambled eggs, and how can you have breakfast without a light omelet stuffed with the cheeses, meats, and veggies of your choice? Or, try a specialty egg dish like eggs benedict.

Pass the Syrup! For French toast and pancakes, we love a thick side of syrup! Fruit makes a delicious topper as well, or add in chocolate chips, nutella, or something else. If sweet, rich breakfasts are your style, we have plenty here for you.

Sandwiches. For those days when a fork just isn’t on the menu, our breakfast sandwiches can be a great alternative. Or, enjoy a bagel, topped with butter, cream cheese, or lox, depending on how you like it!

For the Kids. We don’t just serve great breakfast meals for adults, we make sure to have some kid-friendly offerings as well. For less than $5, your kiddos can enjoy silver dollar pancakes, French toast, or eggs along with a cup of milk. This is a perfect excuse to take the kids to Red Hut Diner!

Getting hungry yet? We sure are! Head on over to the Red Hut Diner in Rockaway for a great breakfast today—we think it tastes best in the morning, but we serve it all day so you have no excuse to miss out on your hot breakfast experience!