Low-carb? Low-fat? Low-processing? In today’s dietary world, it’s hard to know just what you should and shouldn’t eat. Every other week, it seems like someone makes another food “off-limits,” leaving many of the visitors to Red Hut Diner confused and eager for something simple, easy, and healthy. Our solution? Protein-packed meals for breakfast and lunch! Read on to find out what we offer and how protein helps!

Protein Starters
Don’t start your day running on empty! Fill up with a delicious protein-packed stack of pancakes or waffles, made with a high-protein supplement. For additional protein, add chopped walnuts, a side of egg whites, or turkey bacon, or try some fresh berries and bananas for a fruity twist. Not feeling the pancakes? No problem! Our protein shakes are delicious and ready to enjoy on the go! We start with your choice of milk or juice and add organic Greek yogurt, organic Greek honey, bananas, peanut butter, fresh berries, and some of our protein supplement for a beverage that will boost you all day.

Make it a Meal
Want to make your protein delight into a meal? No problem! Go pro with our Body Builder’s Treat, your choice of a loaded stack of protein pancakes or waffles and a protein shake. Not feeling the sweet goodness? Try something more savory with our mixed greens and avocado salad, topped with our gluten-free chicken fingers, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil!

Benefits of Protein
Protein offers some awesome benefits, including supporting the growth of muscle, bone, and other bodily tissue. It helps you to feel full for a longer time, and offers plenty of macro and micronutrients. Even better, unlike carbs or fats, proteins are often hard to eat too much of. When you incorporate an adequate amount of protein into your diet, you can feel great and have plenty of energy.

If you want a protein-packed meal, stop by the Red Hut Diner in Rockaway today!