How to Plan For the Easiest Party Ever

Winter parties can be a challenge, because you don’t have the fallback options of playing in the pool, enjoying icy beverages, or putting overflow guests outside. So how can you ensure that your winter party will be fun, exciting, and not a total drain on your energy as a host? Take some tips from Red Hut Diner in New Jersey! We coordinate events all the time, so we consider ourselves at least part-time experts in the field. Read on to find out our favorite tips!

Drop the heat. If you’re like most people in New Jersey, your heater is cranked up and kicking! This might work well for your household of just a few people, but if you’re adding a bunch of guests, you’ll find the temperature creeping up quickly! We suggest dialing the heat down a few notches while you’re preparing. This will help you “keep your cool” while rearranging furniture, and will even the temperature out once the guests arrive.

Plan easy food. Your party is not the place to try out your fancy dinner party recipes! Plan easy foods, such as sandwiches, dips, or other make-ahead dishes. If you’re trying to coordinate a potluck, assign each guest a category, such as appetizer, dessert, warm entrée, vegetarian dish, or so on. For the easiest food setup, however, consider catering from the Red Hut Diner! This means that food is nobody’s job, but everyone gets to enjoy it.

Set clear times. Tired of your party guests lingering until the end of time? Set the end of time on the invitation! Close family and friends can always stay late to “help clean up,” but a clear end time pushes the rest of the crowd out the door in a polite manner.

Have alternative activities. If your winter party focuses on a single event, such as a popular sporting event, consider offering alternative activities for those who just aren’t interested. A deck of cards in a sitting room, music in the kitchen, or something else can provide fun for those who aren’t into the main activity, or who just need a break.

For your party needs this winter, consider ordering online through Red Hut Diner for smaller orders and catering for large events! We have special wing offers for catering, but no matter what you’re hungry for, we bring the best of our regular menu, ready for a crowd, and are always happy to customize.