Step Up Your Catering Game With Better Food

Have you ever been to a catered event and found the food… sort of blah? Many catered events rely on the same old staples, often those that are greasy, unhealthy, or “easy.” At Red Hut Diner in New Jersey, we take our catering to the next notch by bringing you the delicious taste of homemade food without the work! Read on to find out why our catering options beat those of the competition.

Always Fresh. When you order food from the Red Hut Diner in NJ, you know it’s going to be fresh and made to order. The same is true for our catering dishes! While we provide large trays for your party guests, you can trust that they haven’t been sitting around in a cooler for a few days. We prepare our catering dishes the day of (or the night before for some early-morning baked items) and bring them to you fresh and hot!

High-Quality Ingredients. Just like all the menu items at Red Hut Diner, you can feel confident that our catering menu will be stuffed with the best, high-quality ingredients that we can find!

Wide Variety. Many catering places have a limited selection of foods, or only serve the type of food that their specific restaurant offers. Just like our huge diner menu, our catering menu gives you so many options! Whether you want meat and cheese trays, baked goods, sandwiches and wraps, pasta, chicken, seafood, Greek food, or more, we have it!

Save Money. One of the best things about working with a small, family-owned business is that we eliminate a lot of the overhead costs that bigger chains might incur. Who benefits from that? Our customers! The Red Hut Diner in Rockaway has great catering prices—and when you see the food we bring, you’ll be certain that you’ve made the smart choice.

For this year’s office party, Super Bowl celebration, or family event, don’t get locked into the same boring places for catering. Stop by the Red Hut Diner, or visit our catering page to find out how our catering can make your event better!