Top Five Holiday Timesavers

One of the top complaints that we hear our diners discussing is a lack of time! Just like in any part of the country, the visitors at our diner in New Jersey are rushing through their lunch breaks, trying to coordinate time to pick up the kids from school, and squeezing work into the early and late hours of the day just to get enough done. As if this isn’t enough, the holiday season is upon us, and it’s putting even more pressure on people to get stuff done… fast! Here are some holiday timesaving tips from Red Hut Diner:

1. Use data to make better predictions. If you think that you have four hors of work to do, but your tasks take all day, your estimations may be off. Keep a journal, spreadsheet, or phone note of your regular tasks and how long they actually take. This can help you plan better.

2. Right time. Approach tasks at the right time: when you have rested enough, are not hungry/thirsty, and when you are free from distractions. Trying to squeeze things into inappropriate time frames may just end up frustrating you!

3. Let someone else handle it. If your holiday preparations seem overwhelming, don’t feel bad if you “outsource” a little. Hate decorating? Assign it to the kids and see how much fun they have. Dreading a long cooking project for the family? Call up your favorite diner in Rockaway! Many diners, like the Red Hut Diner, offer online ordering, takeout, and catering options that can clear your schedule in a minute!

4. Plan ahead. This may be too late for this year, but why not write up holiday cards, start gift-hunting, and make other plans way back in the summer? When you have a bit of free time, plan ahead.

5. Let it go. Before you burst into song, consider what’s really important to you. Those things that aren’t a big deal probably aren’t worth your time in the end, so accept it and let it go gently.

Have you tried any of these tips? If not, give them a try! We’re certain that you can ease a little of your burden. Looking for that perfect place to escape while getting things done? Head on over to Red Hut Diner for a great dinner tonight!